The old school in short

It was in 1894 when the decision to start the elementary school in Sivakkavaara was made. It was a very important decision for this remote little village and its people, who participated willingly with the costs and arrangements in order to get children education.

The school started in 1895. in first years there were many different teachers. The best period in the history of the house, village and its people began in 1925 when just graduated young teachers moved here. For next forty years it was their mission to give a good start for three generations in cultural and material life.

In the run of decades more and more people were moving to big cities to get better jobs and higher education. Life in countryside was not the answer for modern lifestyle.

As there was not enough children the school - the second oldest - shut its doors in 1984 and the days of desperate decay began.

Since 1992 when we bought this house we have made every effort to rebuild the spirit and value due to this respectful place. it has been and will be an endless, expensive project in our life.

Today we have built our permanent home and workshop in this house. it seems that we have made right decision: We have a little piece of valuable history in our hands and it is our duty to protect the house and surroundings for coming generations.