Handicraft holiday

The idea of handicraft holiday was actually born when our friends visited us a couple of years ago. The have been travelling all over the world, both were very busy city people with their own careers. "This place would seem like a real luxury for anyone looking for something original". So they said when leaving. - She had created a small piece of tapestry and weaved it by own hands. He was fishing by the river and together we made traditional Finnish meals of the small fishes he had caught himself!

In case the pictures and the description of our quest house inspires you also we warmly welcome you to get a home-like introduction to our lifestyle meaning peaceful happy days with delicious local food both for us as well as for domestic animals.

In the workshop you can

- try different weaving methods depending how much you know about hand loom
- design perhaps your own piece of art and do it yourself
- felt small pieces of raw finnwool
- in summer time I can promise you the most fascinating days with natural dying by the river; the colours that different plants give to wool are unbelievable!

Other activities could be

- canoeing
- fishing
- picking wild berries and mushrooms in forest
- cross-country and downhill skiing
- visiting nearby cultural events and places

Please, let us know your special interests and your schedule, we would be pleased to give you our tailor-made proposition for your first visit to us. We will do our very best to give you unforgettable experiences and the desire to come here again and again!

Waiting for your message!